Game Design
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Trinity Wars

Trinity Wars is an Android and Windows tactics game created as a student project at Vancouver Film School by a 4-person team.


Expanding my skill set

Trinity Wars was used as an opportunity to develop my secondary skills, UI design and C# coding. The mobile platform presented interesting challenges and unique lessons to the team and myself as we worked with the unique touch-screen input and the hardware

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Interface Design

I took the role of interface designer on this project, laying out and implementing the flow and functionality of the interface. Creating the the interface for touch input on mobile devices was interesting. Designing around the different aspect ratios, screen resolutions, and screen sizes found on mobile was challenging but achievable task.

C# Code

I assisted in coding the game, primarily handling scene management, Wwise integration, menus, Android compatibility, and bug fixing.


I worked with a team of 3 sound designers to create the sounds for Epsilon Wars. I worked with the sound designers to establish what the sounds should portray and what their role as feedback is. I handled the C# implementation for the finished Wwise project as well. 


Particle Effects

Epsilon Wars uses Unity's Shuriken particle system for projectiles, fires, and spells. I set up the particle systems and implemented textures created by the artist to create convincing and visually striking effects that run smoothly on the mobile platform. 


I maintained source control for the duration of development using Perforce through P4V and Unity's Perforce integration. I caught and fixed errors in source control, proactively maintained the project structure to avoid conflicts, and merged scripts to keep bugs away.