Game Design
Captura 2016-12-05 12-05-19-00.png


Captura is an isometric puzzle game for PC made at Vancouver Film School by a 4-person team.


Puzzle Design

Captura was my first full project, as well as my first puzzle game. Tackling both of these challenges at the same time was an invaluable learning experience.


Isometric Puzzles

Captura uses an isometric camera and grid-based scenery, making paper designs easy. The short schedule of the project meant a limited number of puzzle elements could be created, so each level had to make the most of the components available. Extensive rapid prototyping on graph paper was used before going in to the editor. Using the isometric camera to keep important effects on the puzzles on-screen was a core pillar of the level designs from the start.


Natural Tutorialization

Captura features 3 short levels. Each level introduces new game play concepts on top of the last level to increase complexity. The design philosophy for the game called for minimal tutorial text, meaning that elements needed to be introduced in a way that allows experimenting with them so players understand them. Game play elements are introduced on isolated islands that minimize the amount of distractions to the player until they can master the challenge.