Game Design


Unreal Tournament Level

Struts is a death match map for the current iteration of Unreal Tournament.


Dual Purpose Design

The intention of the level is to create an engaging small space for 1v1 and 4 player free for all matches. Struts is designed for a more laid back experience, with less demanding traversal challenges allowing newer players to approach the map easily. Elements such as the wall run, rocket jump, and elevator jump do come into play for shortcuts but are not required for most areas of the map.


Central Battleground Design

Struts is built to funnel players into a large and open central room. Three side routes branch off of the main room to the sides and above, each with multiple entrances and pickups. The overall layout gives players varying numbers of movement options and escape routes from nearly any position on the map.

The main room is centered around a central platform containing the rocket launcher and two large struts. The struts and elevated platform break up line of sight between the two ends of the room but still allow players to move around below them on the ground floor or peek over them using the elevated corner platforms.

The edges are the focus of the main room. Most of the pickups, cover, and exits are located around the edges of the room to support players moving in a loop and to encourage them to move near the entrances to side paths. The center of the room on the ground floor contains two health kits but very little cover as a last ditch effort to regain health, and the elevated central platform contains the rocket launcher and some small health but is exposed to nearly every position in the room with very little cover as a risk versus reward proposition.

Side Halls

There are three side paths around the main room of struts: two side halls and the attic. These paths lead from and back to the main room through multiple entrances each, giving players plentiful and interesting escape options and routes for pickups.

The side paths connect along the long edges of the main room, allowing entrance and exit along the ground floor and long ramps. The halls have three basic entrances along the ground level for easy entrance and exit, as well as a jump pad exit on one end to boost players to the second floor and a raised entrance halfway through the hall for players to slide into and surprise enemies.

Each hall has a small selection of ammo pickups, a weapon pickup, and some health as well to make the trip worth it. They currently do not have much in the way of cover or elevation, which may be added in later after some playtesting.

The Attic

Above the main room is the attic, a cross of halls that allows players to get the jump on enemies below, pick up some much needed health, or get the Sniper Rifle. There are two elevators on opposite corners of the map that lead up to the attic, as well as two holes in the remaining corners to drop down on and a pit in the center of the cross leading down to the center of the main room.

The attic is more isolated than the other areas of the map, acting as a refuge space. Since there are only 2 entrances to the attic that can be accessed without the jump boots or a rocket jump, the flow of players into the attic is naturally limited. To prevent camping the attic has very limited visibility to the main room, forcing players to leave the attic if they want to score points again.